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Marcelo Tesserolli



info@rioprivatehost.com – 55.21.8877.0177 

Contact RIO Private Host in Rio and find out how
special and exclusive your trip to Rio can be.
info@rioprivatehost.com – 55.21.8877.0177 

Working for the touristic industry for the past 15 years Marcelo has Graduated in Tourism Managment in 1995.  Has certified himself as an oficial  professional tour guide registered by the National Ministery of Tourism since 1990. My diferential is to provide private and exclusive services for individuals and small VIP groups, including transportation, hotels, good food, tickets and fun.

Specialist in Tourism and Hospitality Marcelo also has a Master degree in Business Developing Management.  Teaching classes at the university in Rio has written several articles about the touristic industry, published on the most important national newspapers. 
Speaks fluent English, Spanish and has traveled around Brazil, South America, United States and Europe having the opportunity to learn, understand and respect other’s countries cultures.   
 All of  this practical and theorical background toghether with a great knowledgement about the best places in the city have given Marcelo the great  skills to host you around Rio.

→  My academical resume at: ttp://lattes.cnpq.br/5861552605694750 


Marcelo Tesserolli 

Your VIP Guide in Rio de Janeiro 


55.21. 8877.0177 



Paulo Tesserolli 



I have started my diving career as guide and instructor at FEMAR in 1986. This Brazilian Navy foundation is the oldest dive school in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.

Have worked in the tourism industry since 1997 developing several custom made trips.My career as an independent instructor and specialized tour guide came as an idea to improve the scuba tourism in Rio de Janeiro and thanks to my experience I was able to certify more then 4500 students and organize about 300 trips to places as: Fernando de Noronha, Abrolhos, Búzios, Bonaire, Cozumel, Roatan islands, Belize, Bahamas,Cuba, and many places in the US.

Awarded with the  “Platinum PRO 5000.diver ” for more than 5000 dives safely, divers trained and contributed in the area recreational diving – DEMA Show – Orlando/Flórida.

Graduated in Business Administration and Real Estate Agent.  Speaks English, Spanish and has also traveled around Brazil, South and Central America, United Sates and Europe having the opportunity to learn, understand and respect other´s countries cultures.

Certified diving instructor of the most important international agencies ( PADI – NAUI – SSI – PDIC – CMAS ).


Paulo Tesserolli 

Your VIP Diver in Rio de Janeiro 


55.21. 9696.8677




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